API keys

How to create and manage API keys.

API keys are used to authenticate with the Paperplane API. They also determine which S3 bucket PDFs will be uploaded to. You can create as many API keys as you like. You may want to create multiple keys if you need PDFs to go to more than one bucket, or if you’d like to keep credentials separate for different deployment environments such as staging and production.

Creating a new API key

To create an API key, log in to the dashboard, click “API Keys” and then “New API key”. You’ll need to provide a name (used to identify the key later) as well as the S3 bucket name and S3 bucket region that you’d like to upload to. The bucket must have the correct policy configured in order to create the API key. See the section “Setting up an S3 bucket” above if you haven’t already done this.

Using API keys

API keys are used to authenticate all requests you make to the Paperplane API. To start learning about the API, check out the API reference.