Destinations & API keys

How to create and manage Destinations and API keys.

Paperplane destinations control where your PDF files will be uploaded.

Each destination can have one or more API keys, which are used to authenticate with the Paperplane API.

You may want to create multiple destinations if you need PDFs to go to more than one bucket, or if you’d like to keep credentials separate for different deployment environments such as staging and production.

Creating a new Destination

To create a destination, log in to the dashboard, click “Destinations” and then “New Destination”.

You'll need to provide a set of AWS credentials that have upload permissions for the S3 bucket. The quickstart guide walks through how to create these credentials in the AWS console.

Once the destination has been created, you can then add one or more API keys to it.

Using API keys

API keys are used to authenticate all requests you make to the Paperplane API. To start learning about the API, check out the API reference.

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